The 5 Coolest Back to School Backpacks

Back to School Backpacks


When it comes to going back to school, all teenagers have an endless list of items that need to be purchased. But, one of the most important things is represented by the classical backpack. Nowadays, being a cool kid means you follow fashion trends; hence, there is a necessity to find the coolest back to school backpack. The best backpack is both lightweight and durable because you have to fit in all sorts of books and notebooks. At the same time, students prefer something that does not appear bulky or too big. But one of the most important characteristic of a backpack is the fact that it needs to highlight the personality and style of the one who wears it. Let`s see what are the top 5 choices of back to school backpacks available on our website.

Leather Backpack Rucksack for SchoolAshwood Unisex Leather Backpack

Fashion designers strongly recommended as one of this year`s must have items an unisex bag with masculine lines. Our Ashwood unisex leather bag is available in two colours black and brown, being made from genuine leather. It features two main compartments which allow you to properly organize everything in your bag, having an extra set of smaller pockets for tablets or pens. This unisex leather backpack is perfect for day to day use because it distributes evenly the weight, which protects the back from muscular tension.


Leather Backpack - Rucksack ChestnutThe Chelsea Backpack

We all know and admire those vintage leather backpacks that look cool with any outfit. It is a must have item for 2017 and it is available in our store in black and chestnut. You can guess that the favourite is the chestnut leather backpack due to the intriguing flair it has. It is a rather small backpack, but it has a bundle of small pockets that allows easy storing of almost everything you need. Made out of 100% genuine leather, it has a top carry handle and a pair of adjustable straps.


blue backpack / rucksack for student collegeLarge Italian Leather Backpack

This backpack is more stylish and comes in a bright shade of blue. The genuine leather used for this backpack has a soft pattern that offers an extra touch of elegance. It is perfect for stylish students that desire a rucksack in a modern and popular colour.

Buffed Leather Messenger Bag

This bag is a reinterpretation of the famous messenger bag. It is simple to use and carry around, spacious and made out of genuine leather. It`s greyish colour makes it look vintage, while its classical lines make it one of a kind. For this season, it is a bag that must be added in your collection of accessories. Even though it is a men`s bag, bold ladies can use it to make a statement regarding their powerful personalities.

Leather Backpack for GirlsThe Bridge Italian Bag

The ultimate Italian Bag resembles a backpack, but it has a certain flair and style that will make you stand out in any crowd. It comes in a beautiful shade of pink and it was handmade from hide leather. It is both spacious and quite small, allowing you to carry all the things you need. It features two adjustable straps which makes it easy to wear. This backpack is perfect for those young ladies that love this year`s trend of romantic shades present in all sorts of fashion items, including bags.

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