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If you’re looking for cool leather handbags to display some high-end style as a professional woman in your company or business, then you are about to find a range of designer leather bags to add to your collections. As one of the most hardworking accessories that you have, your ideal office bag should be able to accommodate all your items when you are on the go plus allow you quick access to them. It must also be durable and functional. Without much ado, below are some cool leather bags for... Read More

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Blossom Fashion Show 2019, West Midlands

Blossom Fashion Show 2019, West Midlands | We at Leather Company are happy to provide a gift for the Blossom Fashion Show 2019 which is coming to Holiday Inn, Birmingham Airport on Saturday 11 May 2019, 12.00pm-4.30pm. Breast Cancer Haven is a charity based in Solihull who are hosting this event to raise money to help support anyone affected by breast cancer. Tickets to this event can be purchased on their website. As a family run business we feel it is important to support our local community. And this year... Read More

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Leather Backpacks For College Students

Leather Backpacks For College Students | College is all about expressing your unique personality, while keeping a cool attitude and an interesting outfit. The centrepiece of such outfit is, of course, the bag. The perfect college bag needs to be durable (the goal is to carry stuff in it without having to change it after a couple of weeks), stylish and spacious. You probably know how many books and notebooks are required in college, hence you will have to fit everything in only one bag. The question is how to... Read More

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How to Style a Leather Jacket for Every Occasion

How to Style a Leather Jacket for Every Occasion Every girl knows that the most trendy and must-have clothing item is, of course, the leather jacket. We usually associate this type of jacket with the modern, fashionable women, but we know few things about its fascinating history. Did you know that the leather jacket appeared for the first time during the First World War? Yes, it is true! In 1918 German pilots used the classic bomber leather jacket as a protection of their military uniform. Soon, it became a trend... Read More

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Teenage Girls In Leather Jackets

Teenage girls face different challenges in this particular period of their lives. One of them is expressing their unique personality and style through clothes and accessories. Fashion trends come and go, while designers propose new combinations with every season. Different patterns, different colours, different outfits. Hence, you may ask yourself how a teenage girl can be fashionable at all times. The answer is quite simple: wearing a leather jacket. It is cool, never goes out of style and it is a lifetime investment. When you see a teenager in a... Read More

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Black Leather Jacket How It Became So Cool

Usually, we tend to debate on what clothing items can be called cool and what not. For some can become a daily struggle, even a challenge, that revolves around what and how to wear certain clothes. This concept of cool cannot be brought into question without mentioning the must have leather jacket. Starting with the First World War, when fighter pilots looked cool in their leather bomber jackets, this leather item has an interesting evolution through time. In the `20s appeared the motorcycle jacket, in the `50s became a must... Read More

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AW Men’s Accessories Guide – Style Guide & Tips

Almost overnight, it seems we have been forced to wave goodbye to summer and embrace the cooler weather that the autumn and winter months bring. As the weather changes, so do our wardrobes. Gone are the t-shirts and sunglasses of the warmer months and out come the trusted coats, hats and scarves of winter |  Men’s Leather Accessories For a guy, accessories are the ideal way to makeover a look for autumn and winter. Whilst outfit choices can feel rather limited at this time of year, with jeans and jumpers... Read More

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The Bridge: Why you should invest in an Italian Leather Handbag

It is well known in the worlds of both fashion and leather that Italy offers some of the highest quality designs and most revered styles around. If you’re on the lookout for an investment handbag that will last for years to come and make a fashionable impression time and time again, you can’t go wrong with high-end Italian brand, The Bridge. Founded in Florence, Italy, in 1969, The Bridge are today known worldwide for their premium leather handbags. Using only the finest materials with meticulous attention to detail, The Bridge... Read More

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Top Women’s Leather Trends; AW16

Women’s Leather Trends. Good news for any fans of leather – high shine materials were spotted all over the catwalks for the new season! With summer firmly behind us and our autumn/winter wardrobes taking priority, here at Leather Company we’ve selected some of our favourite trends for AW16, to help keep you on top of your fashion game this season. Colour Purple is one hue predicted to be huge this season, spotted all over the autumn/winter runways. Stand out in your leather and make an impression by opting for a... Read More