Black Leather Jacket How It Became So Cool

Usually, we tend to debate on what clothing items can be called cool and what not. For some can become a daily struggle, even a challenge, that revolves around what and how to wear certain clothes. This concept of cool cannot be brought into question without mentioning the must have leather jacket. Starting with the First World War, when fighter pilots looked cool in their leather bomber jackets, this leather item has an interesting evolution through time. In the `20s appeared the motorcycle jacket, in the `50s became a must have at Hollywood, in the `60s rock stars used it to express their bold personalities, in the `70s and `80s women promoted their femininity through their outfits, while in the `90s it finally became a fashion trend.

Womens Sheepskin leather JacketThe aviator jackets of the World Wars are the best example on how fashion trends are born. Amelia Earhart is the one that used this leather jacket to express her beliefs and promote equality. On the other hand, the same jacket was used in several movies to promote masculinity. We all recall Top Gun`s famous character wearing leather jackets and Aviator glasses. If you are looking for such jackets here are our suggestions: for women, we recommend the Fenland Fitted Sheepskin Flying Jacket. It is an aviator pilot jacket style made out of genuine leather with a massive collar. For men, one of the best sellers’ aviator jackets is the Ashwood G-I Bomber Leather Jacket. Also from leather, this jacket has a removable collar and it was inspired by the fashion of the World War.

Mens Bomber Leather Jacket With Removable Sheepskin Collar The Harley Davidson`s first motorcycle jacket became a statement item thank to its badass flair. The rock era was marked by cherished bad boys like Steve McQueen or bands like The Ramones, The Beatles, and of course, Elvis. He was the one who wore black leather jackets as a cool finish to his outfits. If you are looking to achieve this type of look, we suggest you check our Classic Vintage Effect Motorcycle Jacket. It is simple, but its intriguing flair brings to the spotlight the classic biker style.

But how did women end up wearing and looking fashionable in this masculine black jacket? Joan Jett and Debbie Harry were the fashion idols who used bold outfits to express their toughness.  It was a period of big changes on how the world viewed the relationship between women and men regarding equality. Hence, wearing a leather jacket was a statement that women can do what men do. Inspire yourself by the fashion icon Joan Jett and wear a Ladies Brampton Leather Jacket. It is a red jacket that is similar to the famous one wore by Joan.

Womens Leather Biker Jacket BlackThis is the main reason why in the `90s, Hollywood stars, usually women, were seen wearing such jackets. Cindy Crawford was the one who casually adopted an outfit of regular jeans and plain T-shirts, in combination with a shiny, black leather jacket. In the following years, it certainly became a must have outfit. Try out our Ladies Ashwood Leather Jacket in Black. It is a slim fit biker style jacket that can be used with a multitude of outfits.

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